How to choose a solid wood furniture that is more suitable for oneself?

It has to be said that solid wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular among people, but there are also a wide variety of types of solid wood furniture, including walnut, red oak, water ash, and other wood materials that are often used to make solid wood furniture. Therefore, today we will analyze which type of wood is better and the purchasing techniques when choosing solid wood furniture.

1: Material types of solid wood furniture
1. Fraxinus mandshurica
Fraxinus mandshurica is a large deciduous tree that can reach a height of up to 30 meters. Its bark is thick, gray brown, and its wood is hard and dense, with beautiful textures. It is a high-end timber used in industry and civil use.
① The cutting surface is very smooth, and the paint and adhesive properties are also good. Extremely slight aging with minimal performance changes.
② Fraxinus mandshurica has excellent processing performance and can be well fixed with nails, screws, and glue. It can be dyed and polished to achieve good surface effects.
③ Fraxinus mandshurica has a tough material, beautiful texture, excellent overall strength performance, good shock resistance, and steam bending strength, making it a good material for making furniture.

2. Red Oak
Oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America, with a large amount produced in Russia and the United States. The wood is hard and heavy, with good machining performance and slow drying.
① The distinct mountain shaped texture fills the furniture with a simple and natural flavor, and is generally classified as rural furniture, with ornamental and decorative properties.
② The processed oak furniture has excellent flexibility, a good texture on the surface, and a good touch to the touch.
③ There are two types of colors: red and white. The color appears naturally saturated and does not require excessive manual modification and beautification. Red is stable and dignified, with a lower price than mahogany, making it very affordable.
④ The texture is hard and fine, the furniture has a long service life, good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and is not so easily affected by moisture.

3. Birch wood
Birch is a deciduous tree or shrub of the genus Betula, with brown wood that is cold resistant, fast-growing, and highly immune to pests and diseases. It is found throughout cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
① Easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and bonding performance.
② The bark is flexible and beautiful.
③ The texture is hard and fine, the furniture has a long service life, is cold resistant, and the wood properties are stable in winter, and it is not so easy to get damp.
④ Birch has medicinal properties, so it has natural environmental attributes.

4. Elm wood
Elm wood is mainly produced in temperate and deciduous trees, with tall trees spread throughout the north. It has the advantages of clear texture and few scars on large trees, making it a precious material for making furniture.
① Elm wood is tough, hard in texture, with high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, moderate in hardness and strength, suitable for carving, and generally suitable for openwork and relief.
② Because the texture of elm wood is clear, the material is delicate, and the patterns are beautiful, it can be cleverly paired with furniture of different materials, and placed in a room completely different from elm furniture style without any sense of conflict.
③ The history of old elm furniture is much more varied, with wood ranging from decades to hundreds of years of accumulation. The wood is already very stable and will not deform or grow insects.

5. Ebony wood
Ebony wood has a luster; No special odor or taste; The texture is straight or slightly interlaced; Fine and uniform structure; The wood is very heavy; Good carving performance, making it a high-end wood in the market.
① Undoubtedly, the advantage of ebony is its natural and wonderful texture.
② In the natural wood color of Ebony, the golden and black curves stand out in front of you, with striking and highly fluid colors. Any cut surface can clearly express the beauty of the wood grain.
③ Ebony wood has a low material extraction rate, hard wood, and high processing difficulty, so every product made of Ebony wood is filled with a strong natural atmosphere.
④ Ebony wood can reach a maximum of 130cm and grows in a special environment, growing in hilly areas with an average altitude of 1600 meters or above. The soil surface contains rich mineral resources. The roots and stems of trees deeply penetrate the mineral layer, absorbing nutrients and water, so their wood contains a metallic texture.

6. Walnut wood
A high-quality type of wood, mainly produced in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Domestic walnut wood, with a lighter color. Black walnuts have a light black brown color with purple hues, and the string cut surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern.
① Walnut wood has an elegant color, exquisite and unique wood grain, clear and charming, and the furniture made is elegant and elegant.
② The sweat rate of walnut wood is low, and the drying shrinkage and swelling of wood will not have a significant impact on walnut furniture.
③ Walnut wood furniture is not prone to cracking, deformation, etc.
After the materials enter the site, it is necessary to conduct an inspection and verify the material brand and specifications for the water and electricity stage. Because hydropower renovation is a major project, low-quality materials can directly affect daily use and even potentially endanger personal and property safety.

2: Tips for purchasing solid wood furniture
To summarize the purchasing techniques for solid wood furniture, there are a total of eight words, which are “one look, two questions, three smells, and four knocks”. What does it mean? Let’s take a look together.
Take a look: Look at the texture and scars of furniture. Usually, the texture of solid wood furniture is clearly visible. In addition, if it is made of solid wood, there will be corresponding scars on both sides, which can be seen through careful observation.

Second question: Carefully inquire with the shopping guide to see if density boards are used in the furniture, where they are located, and what material the furniture is made of, and also to show a very understanding.
Three smells: Solid wood furniture will have its own special fragrance, such as camphor wood with a distinct camphor wood flavor and pine wood with a pine resin flavor. These flavors are all natural, and questions can be easily distinguished.

Four knocks: If a large area of solid wood furniture is made of solid wood material, the sound produced by hand tapping is crisp, like tapping glass. If it is artificial board, the sound produced by hand tapping is thick and deep.

3: How to maintain solid wood furniture
1. Pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of furniture surfaces
The surface of solid wood furniture on the market is sprayed with paint, so it is particularly important to maintain the paint film during daily use. Therefore, to ensure the cleanliness of solid wood furniture, it is recommended to wipe the dust on the surface with a cotton cloth every day, including the dust at the corners of the furniture.

2. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvents to remove stains
If there are stains on the surface of solid wood furniture, do not use force to wipe it, nor do you use chemical solvents such as alcohol or gasoline to clean it. It is recommended to use warm tea water to wipe it, dry it, and apply a small amount of light wax to the original area. Gently grind it several times to form a certain protective film.

3. Avoid scratches from hard objects
When cleaning, do not use hard metal products or sharp tools to rub against furniture, as it may scratch the surface of the furniture and be difficult to repair.

4. Avoid damp environments
When encountering humid weather, it is recommended to use a thin adhesive pad to separate the furniture from the ground, and when placing the furniture, it is also important to maintain a distance of about 1 cm between the furniture and the wall to avoid mold.

5. Keep away from heat sources
In winter, if a heating source is used at home, it is recommended to maintain a distance of 1 meter between the furniture and the heating source. Otherwise, prolonged barbecue can cause wood to dry, crack, deform, and paint film to deteriorate.

6. Avoid direct sunlight
When placing furniture, it is important to avoid direct sunlight, as solid wood furniture may experience paint peeling, cracking, and other phenomena when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
There are actually many types of solid wood furniture, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to buy what you like. All types of wood have their own advantages. When choosing solid wood furniture, it is important to remember to look, smell, and observe more in order to purchase high-quality and satisfactory furniture

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